Discrimination At Work

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Discrimination is defined as the unfavourable treatment upon an individual for a characteristic that has been protected by law. Although, wrong, discrimination occurs on a day to day basis. discrimination at work takes different forms and may originate from a number of instances. It is illegal for anyone to discriminate you for any reason, express or implied and you have a right to pursue legal measures to rectify the situation and prevent it at the work place.

Reasons for discrimination at work

Race, skin colour, marital status, gender, religion, personal beliefs, size, origin, disability or even age are all grounds for discrimination. The level of experience, the level of education, genetics, political stance, social beliefs, pregnancy, parenthood, relationship to certain individuals and mental state are also possible grounds for discrimination.

Get more info on discrimination at work


Discrimination may be from your supervisor or boss, your colleagues, the people you are in charge of or supervise, clients, shareholders, creditors, partners or even investors. Despite the origin, discrimination is wrong and should not happen. Remember that the perpetrator may discriminate against you either directly or indirectly, influenced someone else to treat you different or even in some cases, blackmailed someone into doing it.

Employer's duty

The employer has a duty to provide a friendly work environment and therefore, they should ensure that bullies, people who have a history of discriminating others have been warned and disciplined. The employer should also take any complaint seriously and ensure that they put in place measures to deal with the complaints and also to prevent them from recurring in future.

Your rights

You have the right to file a complaint against anyone, irrespective of their position, who discriminates against you for any reason. First, you should seek to settle the issue internally by filing a complaint with the HR department. However, when this is not possible, you can directly file a formal complaint with the authorities. You may seek the assistance of attorneys who specialise in harassment and discrimination cases to ensure you follow due procedure. It is good to note that although the employer has the duty to provide a suitable work environment, as an employee, you should report all cases to them to ensure that they follow up and improve on the internal systems to deal with such issues.

Importance of understanding various law service

By understanding your rights and what the law dictates, you are at a position to identify when someone is acting in contravention of your rights and take the necessary actions. You are also at a position to understand reprieves; legal or otherwise that are available to you if your rights are violated. It also ensures that you know the procedures to follow while pursuing a case that involves discrimination, what documents are required, any evidence that needs to be presented and who to turn to for help.

We all need to work together to eliminate discrimination at the work place. With team work, dedication among employees, employers and the legal system, it is possible to end this menace that has destroyed the lives of many people.